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September 17th, 2014

Stocking wearing naughty secretaries in hardcore and softcore porn at Send Your Secretary. It is a great new blog, featuring the sexiest naughty secretaries in the office. You will love this great new site. It has secretaries in both hardcore and softcore porn and both pictures and videos. Most have the secretaries are wearing stockings, but some are wearing pantyhose, or just bare legs with short skirts. See this great secretary blog here Or check out a couple of secretary galleries below

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Lady Sonia Movie: Busty milf milks a sex slaves cum

September 15th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia’s best friend and very busty British milf, Danica, has decided to milk this slave. Do you know what milking is? It is when a women, wanks a guy off to get the jizz out of his bollocks, Danica milks this slave so she can drink his cum from a glass. Danica is a fucking filthy whore and loves staring on Lady Sonia’s exclusive porn site. Because she gets to fuck lots of young hard big cocked men. Like this slave, who Danica fucks wearing all her clothes, including stockings and high heels and he is stark bollock naked. Like a proper slave would be. I love clothed female and naked male porn, and there is lots on Lady Sonia’s site. Well these British sluts have these young slave boys as sex toys, to suck and fuck whenever they want. These filthy dominant bitches only require one thing from their sex slaves. They must have big hard cocks and know how to use them..
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September 13th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia gets fucked in gold heels and stockings. Like all married ladies who enjoy playing with younger guys with big cocks Lady Sonia likes to enjoy them in many different ways as in this video. First of all she teases and plays with the young guys huge cock through the Gloryhole and then as he lays down on the coffee table and she oils up his fat throbbing cock and gives him an oily tit wank before climbing up onto his throbbing big cock and ride it hard and fast so that you can see absolutely everything. But this young stud still wants more so after she gets down onto her hands and knees for him and he feeds his big cock with its MONSTER girth inside her from behind to fuck her as hard as he can and until Lady Sonia screams in orgasm. Just as all married ladies enjoy. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

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September 11th, 2014


Lady Sonia’s husband was wondering where she is, I guess he probably knows that she is up to no good. Like usual. But he need not worry, Lady Sonia had met a young man down in the hotel bar and Charles is waiting for her up in their room. But lady Sonia decides to get nasty with this young hung stud. But as we know Lady Sonia’s cuckold husband will get tormented by his unfaithfull slutty wife. So Lady sonia films herself on her mobile phone camera, servicing this young mans cock. At least Lady Sonia’s husband will have something to wank over, while sitting alone in his hotel room. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia’s stocking loving friend Sabrina

September 9th, 2014

Lady Sonia’s stocking loving friend Sabrina has a great free stocking blog. This is a great free stockings blog for those of you who like stockings, panties and upskirts. This young milf has a real stocking fetish and it comes across in her content. All her content is stocking content or upskirt content, mostly from sabrina herself, but also sometimes from other stocking models and friends. If you have a stocking fetish then you must visit her free stocking blog. I have added some content from sabrinas stockings, but if you want to see all her great stockings porn visit her free stockings blog here

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Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia gets fucked through her pantyhose

September 7th, 2014



Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia gets fucked through her pantyhose. Lady Sonia looks fucking amazing in stockings, but I do like a change. I love to see this British milf in pantyhose. Especially when Lady Sonia is getting fucked by one of her young hung studs. While the nets sexiest unfaithfull wife is taunting her cuckolded husband, Charles, like in this exclusive Lady Sonia movie. What I love about this movie is that Lady Sonia has a really short nurses uniform on and you can see she has no panties on under these pantyhose. You get a good look at this dirty milf’s cunt. The second and main thing I love about this Lady sonia movie is that this eager young stud, cant wait to fuck this wife. In fact he doesnt even bother taking down Lady Sonia’s pantyhose before he fucks her. He just rips a hole in Lady Sonia’s pantyhose where her cunt is and sticks his cock right in. Fucking her wet cunt hard and fast through the pantyhose. You ger some great close ups of Lady Sonia’s pantyhose, wet cunt, arse hole and this big fat young studs cock. Another fucking awesome Lady sonia movie. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia the cuckoldtrixs and the builder

September 5th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia the cuckoldtrixs and the builder. Lady Sonia’s husband Charles was busy with a meeting in London and so his wife, Lady Sonia if she would go along and check on progress with the rather delicious young builder with the HUGE cock so of course Lady Sonia agreed straight away. To make it even more exciting she decided to wear just a basque, stockings and spike heels under her fur coat to ensure that she had the young builder’s FULL attention. Her plan worked quite well and the hung young builder was pounding me with every inch of his MASSIVE cock almost straight away! Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

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September 3rd, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia makes a hardcore porn movie for her cuckold husband Charles. It was Lady Sonia’s cuckold husband, Charles’ birthday last week and all the silly old foll wanted for his birthday was a video of Lady Sonia fucking or sucking one of her young hung studs. Normally of course this unfaithfull milf wouldn’t do anything her cuckolded husband asked for but as it meant she could fuck and suck one of her young studs she agreed. So here is the great exclusive mkovie Lady Sonia shot for her husband. But Lady Sonia being a cruel bitch, decided to taunt her silly husband at the same time as sucking this young studs cock. So we don’t know if the poor man enjoyed his wifes fucking movie or not! Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

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September 1st, 2014

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August 30th, 2014


Miss Makepeace is a British milf, but not just any British milf. This filthy bitch, just loves young hard cock. Miss Makepeace use to be a secretary, when she started to have an affair with the boss, but she has been married a few years and like all hot milf’s has kept herself in great shape, while her husband has got old and boring. So now Miss Makepeace fucks any young cock she can find. While her cuckolded husband sits at home and wanks. After a few years of fucking lots of young cocks, behind her husbands back, Miss Makepeace has decided to open her own amateur porn site. Showing herself in stockings, pantyhose and naked, playing with herself in front of the camarea and fucking all her sex toys. But that isn’t wear it ends. This filthy fucking whore, gets all her boyfriends on camera and sucks and fucks them, while we watch. The funny thing is, this bitch won’t even let her cuckolded husband watch her fuck her young studs and he has to watch her on her own made amateur porn, just like we do.  Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady sonia has a friend who loves tying up young men and using them

August 28th, 2014



Lady Sonia has lots of very dirty friends. Many who love to be filmed and put on Lady Sonia’s site. Kaia is a new friend of Lady Sonia, in fact this British milf loves to fuck the members that she meets on Lady Sonia’s site, in her forum. This particular member wanted to be tied up and used as a fuck toy. Of course this British slut, made sure he had a nice big cock before inviting him to a shoot, so she could fuck him. All Lady Sonia’s friends demand their men to have big cocks. Well kia ties this hung stud down to a bench and wanks him off with a fleshlight, while at the same time riding his face, rubbing her milf wet cunt all over his face, mouth, tounge and nose. Then after she has finished wanking him off with this fleshlight she goes down and sucks his cock, still her bald wet milf cunt is in his face. He is of course as stiff as a board, well who wouldn’t be? I fucking would be very stiff if this slutty British milf was rubbing her wet cunt in my face and sucking my cock. Now this stud is hard, this slut gets on his cock and fucks him untill she has many orgasms.. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

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August 26th, 2014


Lady Sonia had lots of requests from her members who wanted to her get fucked very hard by a rough young stud who is really determined to enjoy himself with an milf married lady and wants to be very hard and very rough. So as the idea sounded quite horny and she wasn’t expecting her husband to come to pick her up for at least half an hour, I agreed straight away! This is a clip of the full length Lady Sonia movie and you can see as this young stud as he uses Lady Sonia hard and rough. You are really going to enjoy this as much as I did and as much as Lady Sonia did. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia: Lady Sonia gets fucked by the builder

August 24th, 2014


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Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia’s busty milf friend in a threesome

August 20th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia’s busty milf friend in a threesome. Lady sonia has a very rude milf friend who not only has a huge pair of boobies but also loves young hard cock. So Lady Sonia filmed her in a threesome with these two young men. Josephine James called in last week for a coffee and a chat with lady sonia and to get fucked by these two young studs with HUGE cocks and while she was getting fucked, this sluts cuckold husband waited patiently for her downstairs. The hung young men soon had this busty housewifes top wide open so that her MASSIVE 34 “J” cup tits fell out for the fun to begin. In no time at all one of the big cock young studs is pounding this milf slut very hard from behind as she tit-wanks the other stud with her huge breasts. Her stupid cuckold husband waited downstairs and he can hear her scream with pleasure as these young studs fuck his wife. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia is featured on the UK Porn Blog

August 18th, 2014

If you want more Lady sonia movies or maybe you want to see lots more British ladies like Lady Sonia then you will love this new British porn blog. British porn blog is all about British porn movies, British porn reviews, British porn news. I have a movie here for you here from British porn blog. If you like that and want more then take a look at British Porn Blog here.

Here’s the way the couples are featured. First the couple contacts the producers of Real Couples. The couple can be a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or just a fling. But they are all real amateurs and all British. The Real Couples crew comes in and doesnt just film the couple fucking they also film their lives for a day. There’s really no “normal” sex scene when it comes to this real amateur which I think makes the site even hotter. In the first of these two videos we have two swinging couples fucking on camera.

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia and her big tits with a boob wank

August 16th, 2014



Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia’s boobs just seem to get bigger and bigger. Her fucking nipples are huge! Now what could be better than seeing lady Sonia oil up her great big boobs? Nothing as far as I can see. Well just look at them as Lady Sonia covers them in baby oil. They looking fucking great. But what about her poor cuckold husband? Well he doesn’t even get a look in does he. So what could be better? Well I will tell you. Lady Sonia wanking you off with her boobs, well imagine her boobs covered in oil going up and down on your cock. In this exclusive lady Sonia movie we get to see just that. We get to see Lady Sonia giving this very hung young stud an oily tit wank. Of course this is not Lady Sonia’s husband. What would you expect from the nets most unfaithful wife? Well there is no way Lady Sonia will give her little cock, cuckolded husband a tit wank with these two beauties is there? No Lady Sonia saves her tit wanking for all her young hung boyfriends. Another great must see exclusive movie from the nets very sexiest milf. A movie that you simply cannot mis! Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

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Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia Christmas Message

August 10th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia’s Christmas message to all her fans. This is a great clip and message from Lady Sonia that can be watched at any time of year, not just Christmas Watch all of Lady Sonia’s movies here

Lady Sonia Movie: Free Stockings Blog

August 8th, 2014

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August 6th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia invites her young housewife friend over to get fucked by two cocks. Lady Sonia’s young housewife friend Shay was down again to ride out last weekend and to spend the weekend drinking champaigne in the local bars with Lady Sonia and away from their husbands. So when she rang Lady Sonia to confirm she was on her way down to and let Lady Sonia know that she had left her silly husband and his useless little dick at home and asked if it would be possible for Lady Sonia to arrange a little more REAL fun for her so this time as she was in desperate need of some big fat cock. Lady Sonia knows all the dirtiest and most unfaithfull wives and of course knows all the big cock studs around. So Lady Sonia phoned two men and have them come down and REALLY give her a HUGE double pounding at the same time. Give her cunt and mouth a proper stretch and ruin her for her husband, Lady Sonia being a proper cuckold unfaithfull wife thought this would be very funny. Shay rang Lady Sonia the next morning and told her that she was far too sore later that night to let her poor little husband even go near her with his little cock. In fact she wouldn’t let him touch her again for a week. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia gets fucked up against the wall

August 4th, 2014


Lady Sonia’s husband was called away to a meeting back in town and asked Lady Sonia if she would go and look at an investment property for him in a village in sussex, As soon as he told her that the place was a ruin Lady Sonia thought that the whole thing sounded very boring so she arranged to meet one of her young male boyfriends there for a little fuck buddy fun to make the trip a bit more worth the effort. As Lady Sonia and her young man were going to be the only people at the property she decided to put on something a little special for the visit and this seemed to excite the young stud very much and it didn’t take him long to push his massive fat cock deep into Lady Sonia’s cunt and pound her very hard in many exciting positions before shooting his hot thick jizz all over herWatch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

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August 2nd, 2014

Bitch Sabrina is a demanding lady who enjoys teasing male slaves. Within this exclusive film from this British bitch’s very own one of a kind website, this hot woman wants to take advantage of you in able to discover simply how much cum you might make. And so lay on your back, and be calm also be sure you will have a lot of seamen for bitch Sabrina. Naturally Sabrina. is wearing elbow length long opera gloves along with a black corset. View as this British lady will take the following good erect dick in this hot woman’s hands and tosses his prick till his cock cums everywhere. Maybe you have been wanked by a lady in silk gloves? This particular full big cock really turns Sabrina on adequately. therefore today this British lady takes a small suck to determine what exactly this kind of wang tastes like. View as bitchy Sabrina inserts the tip of this prick in between her lip area and also this British lady’s teeth. Ought this hot woman tease the following cock or even blow it? While Sabrina loves to lead submissive guys, this English lady in addition would like to get men, around her stable of slaves who can give her a lot more than only submission. From time to time this British lady wants a stud that submits his tool to her too, so this British lady may perform by using his prick or even generate her unique tool experiments. Nevertheless as you can certainly see this British lady gives a fantastic wank and thus I doubt a lot of adult men would refuse the offer of this English lady wanking their cock, could you?

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A fantastic new uniform blog and Lady sonia dressed as a maid

July 31st, 2014

Uniform Women is a great uniform blog, for those of us who love sluts like Lady Sonia in uniform. It has loads of Lady Sonia movies and pictures as well. Like these pictures of Lady Sonia dressed as a maid. Lady Sonia loves to dress up and get fucked by lots of young hard studs. Lady Sonia’s site is very much about the hardcore. Today we have a nice change. Watch Lady Sonia dressed up as a French maid in fully fashioned stockings and high heels cleaning her kitchen I love the uniform and stocking combination as Lady Sonia bends over. Just take a look at this slutty British Milf, Lady Sonia as her huge breasts almost fall out of this black French Maid’s uniform. take a look at the Uniform Women blog here