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Lady Sonia outside in the country

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

This is a full length film for you today. the amazing Lady Sonia is outside in the country in her car. She strips down to not much apart from some white stockings and a bra and finger fucks herself in the car Do you like married ladies with very big boobs and stockings? Shall we go out for a drive and try and find Lady Sonia naked in her Mercedes SL so we can watch her undress for you and show you her BIG 34 “F” cup tits.

Lady Sonia in Manchester in a hotel

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Lady Sonia loves to stay in hotels all around the world, also all around the United Kingdom. Well what is a lady like Lady Sonia suppose to do when she is on one of her shopping trips? But the reason Lady Sonia stays in hotels is to stay the night away for her husband. She she can have all the fun she wants with all the young men she wants, in the hotel without her boring and cuckolded husband Charles bothering her. Well I imagine nothing can be more annoying for a busty unfaithful wife like Lady Sonia, when you are sucking a young guys cock, your stupid cuckolded husband is knocking on the door. That would really put off Lady Sonia, just about to swallow a young mans cum and her husband wanting to know where his dinner i. In this exclusive Lady Sonia movie, Lady Sonia is in a hotel room in Manchester, flashing her big tits out the hotel room window and sucking on a dildo. Waiting for some fun with one of her young men I expect. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Busty British red head milf Red gets fucked hard with a fucking machine

Thursday, October 9th, 2014



Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia has a naughty friend called Red, Red is a head head milf with big tits who likes to get fucked very hard. So she has come over to Lady Sonia’s house to use her fucking machine. These cock loving milf’s on Lady Sonia’s site can not get enough cock, so Lady Sonia has invested in a fucking machine. Rather Lady Sonia’s cuckolded husband has invested in the fucking machine for his slutty cock loving unfaithfull British wife. Lady Sonia and all her friends love to use this fucking machine and turn it up to full spead so they get a good hard pounding. Lucky for us they film it. That is also lucky for Lady Sonia’s silly cuckolded husband. The only time he gets to see his wife get fucked is on her site, like the rest of us. Well Red takes a fucking good pounding in this video. For a good long time as well. Watch this busty milf wiggle and scream as this fucking machine brings her to orgasm, time and time again. Another fucking great movie from Lady Sonia and her slutty friends Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia taunts her cuckolded husband

Saturday, September 27th, 2014



Lady Sonia’s cuckolded husband Charles has employed new young guy who has just started work in his office and the nets most unfaithful wife, lady sonia has decided that she wants to have a little fun with him. We all know what that means. When lady Sonia wants a little fun with a new young man. It means that Lady sonia wants to get her very experienced mouth around his young stiff cock. Of course fucking the new guy in her cuckolded husbands office will obviously cause Charles a lot of embarrassment as everyone in the office laughs behind her Lady Sonia’s husbands back. Allthough not for the first time. Charles sexy milf wife, lady Sonia is well known to fuck all the guys in her husbands office and everyone knows about it. Lady Sonia is sure that her husbands embarrassment is a very small price to pay for all the very dirty excitement that Lady Sonia has planned with this young guys stiff cock. Anyway, in this video you get to watch Lady Sonia break the good news to her husband and as I have been teasing him for several days and he is quite DESPERATE to cum Lady Sonia decide to let her cuckolded husband watch her ride her “Monkey Rocker” . Lady Sonias new fucking machine is called a “Monkey Rocker” and Lady sonia fucks it in front of her husband before she goes out for the evening. Plus it is all captured on film in another one of Lady Sonia’s exclusive movies.Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia spreads her legs in stockings and stileto heels

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014



Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia spreads her legs in stockings and stileto heels. Lady sonia has always been a massive exhibitionist. You would have to be to enjoy being fucked or even fucking yourself on camera as much as she obviously does. In this movie lady sonia is lying on her back on her bed with her legs wide open, her legs have a fantastic pair of black stockings on and she is wearing high heel shoes. As she lays their she is playing with her pussy, talking to you telling you how much she likes men watching her. Which as we can tell from the great exclusive Lady Sonia movie and all her movies she is telling the truth. I love seeing this very naughty and very unfaithfull busty British milf in stockings. In a lot of ways I prefere the Lady Sonia softcore movies like this one. Of course I live seeing this slut being fucked and fucked hard, but you get some great close ups of Lady Sonia’s wet cunt in this movie and when she talks to you it makes you proper hard. Well if it doesn’t then your probably dead. lol  . Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia gets abducted and abused hard in pantyhose

Thursday, June 19th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia was just visiting the studio in Nottingham where she shoots all her very dirty hard, exclusive porn to arrange a video shoot later in the week with one of her very hung young studs, who we love to watch fucking this British milf. When she took a rather interesting phone call from one of her cuckolded husbands, Charles, work colleagues who wanted to talk about Lady Sonia’s underwear and listen to Lady sonai masturbate on the phone for him. Every one of Lady Sonia’s husbands friends knows what an unfaithfull wife, poor cuckolded husband Charles is married to and so they are often trying to get her to do anything naughty. But Lady Sonia had NO idea that the guy on the phone was in the mask was hiding in the shadows watching Lady Sonia and waiting for his chance to pounce on her. Lady Sonia was already shocked that her husbands friend wanted to hear her cum but she had no idea that another guy was watching and listening as well and as I finished my call and rearranged my clothing, which included these pantyhose, he waited for his chance… And then just as Lady Sonia was leaving the studio he grabbed her and pulled this slut through to the far end of the building where nobody could hear Lady Sonia scream and then he tied Lady Sonia up so that she was COMPLETELY helpless and used her in EVERY way that he needed to satisfy his perverted desires, cutting Lady sonia’s pantyhose off with a pair of sissors, before fucking Lady Sonia very, very hard Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia gets persuaded to get undressed by a stranger

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia gets persuaded to get undressed by a stranger. What happens when someone you have never seen before just happens to have a video camera and he persuades you to undress for him while he films everything? Well for most of us we tell them to fuck off. But Britains most unfaithfull wife, Lady Sonia definately is not most of us. As we all know. Lady sonia was in Nottingham to arrange a video shoot for later in the month and Lady sonia ended up making this impromptu video while she was there. This is a great exclusive amateur movie by Lady Sonia with no planning, no idea even who the guy was with the camera persuading this slutty milf to get her clothes off and absolutely no preparation at all. This guy Lady sonia met and was being filmed by didn’t even realise that this slut Lady Sonia was married at first! Well Lady sonia’s cuckolded husband certainly did find out what was happening, because Lady Sonia phoned him up and while this stranger was filming, Lady sonia was telling her poor tormented cuckolded husband all about it. This is a huge uncut version of this Lady sonia movie and includes all the real amateur porn movie as it happens
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